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Get quality instruction at a competitive price

At DANCE 101 we offer excellent dance education while keeping the costs within your family budget. By offering a competitive price we hope that you will be able to continue dancing for a long time!

We have highly qualified and fun instructors

DANCE 101 hires individuals who have the love and passion for teaching dance and also the credentials to back it. Our instructors have collegiate experience or degrees in dance as well as certifications from reputable dance organizations. Instructors have access to continued education with some of the nation's top professionals. This provides our students with up-to-date steps, technique and access to the latest dance trends.

We teach lesson plans

Based on years of experience DANCE 101 knows that a prepared class is a successful class. Our teachers spend hours creating age appropriate syllabi and lesson plans formulated to build upon material week after week. This ensures your student will gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful.

Our dancers’ health is of great importance

In the past dance has had a reputation to be brutal on the body. At DANCE 101, we take a kinesiological (the study of mechanics and anatomy in relation to movement) approach to technique. From our sprung floor to alignment corrections, everything is in the best interest of your dancer’s health. We believe a healthy body is a moving body!

We teach creativity and self-expression

Dance is not just about the steps and choreography. By teaching students dance elements alongside technique we offer the tools and confidence to not only duplicate movement, but to express themselves through dance.

Get an early start at Dance 101

Starting dance at an early age develops physical, mental, and emotional skills while encouraging lifelong learners. We offer a fun and enriched environment where even the youngest dancer can become physically and emotionally invested in movement!

EVERYONE can dance here!

At DANCE 101 we are committed to offering classes in which any individual can learn to dance. Dancing is a combination of self-expression and athleticism; improving coordination, flexibility, strength, and endurance. It promotes psychological health and fosters social interaction, while also teaching us to solve problems and cooperate with others. The benefits of dance are the same for EVERY BODY!

get to know your classmates

Students will gain camaraderie from sharing a small group educational experience. Students learn not only from their teacher, but from observing their peers as well. Dance 101 instructors are committed to creating a safe social environment in which everyone can learn to dance.

Our Program

At DANCE 101 we offer a class and level for every student. Our curriculum is based on age and ability, offering you and your student the best possible class placement. Classes cover material from traditional technique to the elements of dance.

Our Mission

DANCE 101 takes great pride in offering quality dance classes at affordable prices to Tempe, Mesa, Chandler and surrounding communities. Our highly trained instructors are dedicated to fostering the love of dance in children and adults. We teach the elements of dance layered over classical technique. DANCE 101 welcomes a diverse population of students and maintains a safe and enriched learning environment for all.

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Urban Tap Jazz Acro Ballet classes with us

Come take Urban Tap Jazz Ballet Acro classes with us!

We offer classes for all levels and ages

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Urban Tap Jazz Acro Ballet Class

Try a FREE Urban Tap Jazz Acro Ballet Class

We offer classes for all levels and ages. Contact us to get started with your free trial.

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