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We teach lesson plans

Based on years of experience DANCE 101 knows that a prepared class is a successful class. Our teachers spend hours creating age appropriate syllabi and lesson plans formulated to build upon material week after week. This ensures your student will gain the knowledge and skills they need to become successful dancers.

Get an early start at Dance 101

Starting dance at an early age develops physical, mental and emotional skills while encouraging lifelong learners. We offer a fun and enriched environment where even the youngest dancer can become physically and emotionally invested in movement!


Early Childhood classes

E​​xplore movement, music and fun in a creative learning environment. Students will be taught the fundamental elements of dance and classroom etiquette through exercises and a variety of movement based games.


Kids / Youth classes

Students will grow their dance technique in this level by utilizing stretches, rhythmic activities, barre work, center choreography, and locomotor movements. The elements of dance will be woven throughout every lesson plan to enhance each dance discipline. Students will get to be active, build self-esteem, increase flexibility, sharpen the mind, and most importantly; embrace their individuality.


Teen classes

In these classes students will refine their technical skills and perfect their performance quality. Dancers will gain strength, flexibility, musicality and artistry through stretching, barre work, center exercises, rhythmic activities and across the floor movement.Students will be taught to understand the mind/body connection of dance by focusing on the combination of strength and grace as well as athleticism and creativity.


adult classes
Adults can attain new dance skills or work on achieving old skills after a hiatus from dance. Students will gain strength, flexibility, musicality and artistry through a variety of exercises. Dance is a low impact exercise that benefits both the mind and body.

Come take

Urban Tap Jazz Acro Ballet classes with us

Come take Urban Tap Jazz Ballet Acro classes with us!

We offer classes for all levels and ages

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Urban Tap Jazz Acro Ballet Class

Try a FREE Urban Tap Jazz Acro Ballet Class

We offer classes for all levels and ages. Contact us to get started with your free trial.

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