2022 Annual Recital
10th Anniversary

june 1st and 2nd, 2022Mesa Arts Center, Ikeda Theater

Our 10th Anniversary Recitals will be June 1 and 2, 2022 @ 6:30pm at Mesa Arts Center in the Ikeda Theater. Tickets will go on sale Saturday, April 30, 2022 @10am through the Mesa Arts Center Box Office. Dance 101 will have two shows to accommodate all of our students and audience members.

Though recital participation is highly encouraged, it is optional. Recital participation is for Bright Stars levels and older. We need to know your decision by January 25, 2022 if you or your child(ren) will participate in the recital. Early Bird Recital Registration and discounts are availableThis means a direct commitment from you to pay the non-refundable fees associated with the costumes and recital. This is also a commitment from you to do your best to attend to every class so we can all be prepared for the recital. We will have a list of the classes that will perform in either the Wednesday or Thursday evening show by January of 2022.

Switching classes and withdrawals after January 25, 2022 are highly discouraged. This can disrupt the learning process for ALL the students in a class.  

See below for important dates and details 

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    Important Dates

    See the schedule below and mark your calendar with these important dates. 

    By Dec 1, 2021 Early Bird Confirmation Due! Save money on your recital registration fees!
    26-Dec Early Bird Recital Registration DUE $40 per student (no refunds)
    By Jan 25, 2022 Final Recital Confirmation needed!
    26-Jan Recital Registration DUE $55 per student (no refunds)
    26-Feb Costume Deposit DUE $40 per student per class (no refunds)
    26-Mar Costume Balance DUE $40+tax per student per class (no refunds)
    Spring Break Classes will be held during spring break
    May 6 & 7 Photo Days at Dance 101 ( See schedule below)
    28-May Last day of classes
    31-May Dress Rehearsal 10am-11pm Ikeda Theater (each class will have scheduled rehearsal times)
    1-Jun Annual Recital Show 1 @ Ikeda Theater 6:30pm
    2-Jun Annual Recital Show 2 @ Ikeda Theater 6:30pm
    3-Jun 10th Anniversary Party

    *Early Bird Recital Registration discount for multi-student families are $40 for the 1st student, $10 for the 2nd student, $5 for the 3rd and $5 for the 4th

    *Recital Registration after Dec. 1 for multi-student families are $55 for the 1st student, $15 for the 2nd student, $10 for the 3rd and $10 for the 4th

    How to confirm

    Follow these steps for your recital confirmation. Visit https://youtu.be/FTXgh2iHX6g for a tutorial on how to confirm through the customer login. 

    1. Go to the Customer Login on the Dance 101 website
    2. Click on View (Student’s Name)
    3. On the Details page for your students click the light blue edit pencil
    4. Under Basic Info scroll to the bottom section where it says additional info
    5. Under the 2022 Participation type YES or NO and then save
    6. Remember your confirmation is a direct commitment from you to pay the non-refundable fees associated with the costumes and recital and to have good attendance in your registered class.
    7. Dance choreography is based on how many students are in class so we ask that there are no transfers or withdrawals once classes start working on choreography. 
    8. We will decide which classes will be in which show(s) by January 2022.
    9. Please note that only dancers and our staff/backstage helpers are allowed backstage. Parents will get to enjoy the show from the audience. Click here to see our backstage video https://youtu.be/DRSGZF4Q9f8 

    Recital Fees

    Registration Fee 

    Every family will receive a code for a digital download of the recital included with their registration fee. (DVDs will still be available for purchase.) The registration fee also helps with the cost of the theater and pays for your time with the instructor during dress rehearsal and the show. Recital Registration fees are added to the auto-pay billing.   

    Confirmation before December 1, 2021 (Early Bird)

    • Early Bird Recital Registration – Due December 26
    • Early Bird Recital Registration is $40 per student (multi-student family’s rate is $10 for 2nd student, $5 more for 3rd or 4th student) *non-refundable

    Confirmation between December 1, 2021 – January 25, 2022 

    • Recital Registration – Due January 26
    • Recital Registration is $55 per student (multi-student family’s rate is $15 for 2nd student, $10 more for 3rd or 4th student) *non-refundable

    Costume Fees

    Costume fees are added to the auto-pay billing as well.  Costume fees are per class/per student. These fees will include the costume, headpiece, and a pair of tights if needed. Shoes are not included. Your child should be able to wear the same shoes they have been wearing to class.

    • $40 costume deposit is due on February 26 (payable with March tuition)
    • $40 plus tax costume balance due on March 26 (payable with April tuition)


    Available through Mesa Arts Center Box Office

    • Tickets go on sale Sat, April 30 at 10am
    • Tickets are $16 plus fees

    Optional Costs 

    These are all items that you might want to budget for when thinking about the recital. Prices vary depending on your selection.

    • Photo Packages
    • Flowers
    • DVDs

    All Dance 101 fees associated with the recital are non-refundable.


    Your costume can go home after April 26th (if available) and when your account is paid in full. Recital photos will be taken on May 6th or 7th so you will need to have your costume and tuition paid for and picked up by then.

    • Put your dancer’s name in all shoes, costumes and tights.
    • Do not eat or drink in costume.
    • Remove costumes from bag and hang up before and after wearing.
    • Tutus should be hung upside down to keep fluffy.
    • Never put your costume in the washer or dryer.
    • You may hang the costume in the bathroom during a shower to allow steam to release wrinkles.
    • No jewelry should be worn, but small stud earrings are ok.
    • Tights should be clean with no holes or runs.
    • Underwear should not be worn under costumes that have tights to prevent panty lines. Tights are considered your underwear.

    Shoes are not included with the costumes. Your child should be able to wear the same shoes they have been wearing to class. Shoe colors are as follows:

    • Pink ballet (Black for boys)
    • Black tap 
    • Black or Tan jazz shoes (depending on the costume)
    • Urban students will be given a suggestion for shoe colors, but it will not be required.

    Photo Days

    Photo days are Friday and Saturday, May 6th and 7th at DANCE 101. Photos will be taken by Rena Photography. All orders will be placed online at www.renaphotography.com or shop.renaphoto.com. Photos need to be pre-ordered! When you arrive 15 minutes prior to your designated photo time go directly to Studio 1 so we can gather the entire class in one area before proceeding to the photo.

    • All dancers are asked to attend so that the dancers who want group photographs may have their entire class in the photo.
    • Please arrive at the studio 15 minutes prior to your designated photo time with make-up and hair done.
    • Make up should be light. Sparkles and lip gloss are okay.
    • Please wear your costume to the studio because of limited dressing areas.
    • If you have a second class, please bring your costume to change.
    • Dancers should wear the correct shoes for their recital number.
    • Pre-order photos online to save time at photo day renaphotography.com.
    • Sibling/Buddy photo options are available.
    • Only dancers will be allowed in the photography area. 
    • Parents and family members will remain in the staging/waiting area.
    • Photos will be available for pick-up at Dress Rehearsal on May 31, 2022.


    Photo Day Schedule

    • Friday Photo Schedule
    • Saturday Photo Schedule
    Time Song Class Day/Time
    5:15 Perfect Day Comets T/J Wed 5pm
    5:25 Clocks Tap 101 Wed 7pm
    5:35 Rainbow Nova B/T/J Tues 4pm
    5:50 Good Days Like This Cosmos Urban Wed 4:15pm
    6:00 One More Time Adv Acro Wed 6:15pm
    6:10 Dogs Days Are Over Jazz/Cont. 101 Thurs 7pm
    6:20 Time Machine Nova Urban Mon 6pm
    6:30 Sometime Cosmos T/J Tues 6:30pm
    6:40 All Night Hours Comets Urban Wed 7pm
    6:55 It Takes Time Urban 101 Wed 6pm
    7:05 Time to Start Int Acro Sat 1:15pm
    7:10 Counting Stars Cosmos B/C Mon 6:30pm
    7:20 Time Comets B/C Tues 6:15pm
    7:30 Only Time Ballet 101 Thurs 6pm
    7:40 Daylight Nova B/T/J Thurs 6:45pm
    7:55 Ladies Night Adult Tap Level 3 Thurs 8pm
    8:05 The Moment I Said It Adult Cont. Thurs 8pm
    8:15 Time of the Season Adult Tap Level 4 Wed 8pm
    8:25 End of Time Staff Photo
    Time Song Class Day/Time
    2:45 Made For Now Super Stars Pom 4:15pm
    2:50 It’s Always a Good Time Rock Stars B/T/J Tues 5pm
    3:05 Five More Hours Rock Stars Urban Mon 5:15pm
    3:15 G.N.O. Rock Stars B/T/J Th 3:45pm
    3:30 For the Longest Time Super Stars B/T/J Thurs 3:45pm
    3:45 Calendar Girl (Fri 10:45am) Star Burst B/T Fri 10:45am
    3:55 Calendar Girl (Sat 8:45am) Star Burst B/T Sat 8:45am
    4:05 What Time Is It? Beg Acro Sat 12:45pm
    4:15 Sugartime (Thurs 10am) Bright Stars B/T Thurs 10am
    4:25 Sugartime (Thurs 5:45pm) Bright Stars B/T Thurs 5:45pm
    4:40 Mr. Sandman Bright Stars B/T Sat 10:15am
    4:55 Step in Time Star Burst Urban Wed 5:15pm
    5:10 Here Comes the Sun Star Burst B/T Thurs 5pm
    5:25 Walking After Midnight (Fri 3:15p) Bright Stars B/T Fri 3:15pm
    5:40 Walking After Midnight (Wed 4pm) Bright Stats B/T Wed 4pm
    5:55 Pajama Time Bright Stars B/T Wed 10am
    6:05 Dance Wars Super Stars Urban Mon 4:15pm
    6:20 Old Time Rock ‘n Roll (Tu 4pm) Star Burst B/T Tues 4pm
    6:35 Old Time Rock ‘n Roll (S9:45am) Star Burst B/T Sat 9:45am
    6:50 100 Years Rock Stars B/T/J Sat 11:30am
    7:05 What We Got (Mon 5:15pm) Super Stars B/T/J Mon 5:15pm
    7:15 What We Got (Sat 11:15am) Super Stars B/T/J Sat 11:15am
    7:30 Back in Time Boyz Tap Tues 7:30pm
    7:35 Zero Super Nova B/T/J Tues 5:15pm
    7:50 Remember the Time Super Stars Urban Sat 12:30pm
    7:55 The Time is Now Boyz Urban Sat 1:30pm
    8:00 Happily Ever After (Mon 4pm) Super Nova B/T/J Mon 4pm
    8:05 Happily Ever After (Sat 9am) Super Nova B/T/J Sat 9am
    8:15 Time to Groove Super Nova Urban Mon 7pm
    8:30 Good Time Adult Tap Level 1 Wed 8pm
    8:40 Closing Time Adult Tap Level 2 Tues 8pm

    Dress Rehearsal

    Tuesday, May 31Mesa Arts Center, Ikeda Theater1 East Main St. Mesa, AZ 85201

    • Please arrive 15 minutes before rehearsal time.
    • Wear your costume to the rehearsal. Please cover up with something to keep the costume and tights clean. Put shoes on at the theater.
    • You will sit in the auditorium to wait for your turn.
    • Parents should stay with their child until the group goes on-stage.
      We will not have supervisors until the performance.
    • Photos/Video recordings may be taken at this time. No tripods will be allowed.
    • Dressing rooms are backstage for those that need to change costumes.
    • No stage make-up is required..
    • Parents may watch in the auditorium. You can invite guests to come watch the dress rehearsal.

    Performance Details

    Showtime 6:30pmMesa Arts Center, Ikeda Theater1 East Main St. Mesa, AZ 85201

    • Dancers ages 9 and older should arrive for the show at 5:30pm.
    • Dancers Ages 6-8 should arrive for the show at 5:45pm.
    • Dancers ages 3-5 should arrive for the show at 6:00pm.
    • The doors to the theater will open at 5:30pm.
    • Drop off will be in the lobby of the theater
    • Please take your dancer to the restroom before sending them backstage.
    • Dancers should arrive with make-up on and hair fixed. Hair may be styled in a manner that keeps it off the dancer’s face. Buns, ponytails, and braids are preferred.
    • Stage lights can make a dancer’s face look pale. Make up should be dark enough for the dancer’s facial features to stand out. Examples of types to use are blush, lipstick, eyeliner and eye shadow. Colors should be complimentary to skin tone and costumes. Sparkles are always welcome!
    • Please wear your first costume to the performance, but carry shoes. Cover up as needed to keep your costume clean. Put dance shoes one before coming backstage.
    • Do not send anything with your child unless they have multiple dances.
    • If your child has multiple dances please label everything they will have with them backstage.
    • Plan time for parking and/or drop off of students and adults and one last restroom break!
    • Say goodbye to your students at check-in. Only performers will be allowed backstage due to security. Adult staff will monitor dressing rooms.
    • No students will be released until after the final bow.
    • Students will be released to a parent at the designated checkout area.  Please send only one parent to pick up your student(s). You will need to check them out with the class monitor. Please be patient as we want to ensure your child(ren)’s safety.
    • Absolutely NO picture taking or video recording during the performance.
    • A digital copy of the performance is included with your recital registration. It will be available by July 1, 2022.
    • DVDs may still be ordered from Video Concepts. Click here for an order form. or order online at http://www.videoconceptsaz.com
    • The shows will last approximately 1.25 hours.
    • It is customary to present your dancer with flowers after a show. Flowers will be available for purchase in the lobby before both recitals.

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