The 2012-2013 dance season is going to be the best one yet! I am so excited to be getting a new home for DANCE 101! This has been a dream of mine since I started dancing at the age of 3! To finally see it come true and be able to open the doors of my own studio on September 4th, 2012 is amazing. I am so excited to share this moment with my dance family and students!

With the new location (at 1855 E. Guadalupe Rd. Suite 101 in Tempe) there are so many features that my students and parents can count on. We will have a state of the art dance floor that can be used for all types of dance. I can finally teach tap again and we have added Urban (hip hop) as well as Yoga and Zumba classes.  Ballet barres will be added to sharpen up technique! (Though the chairs served their purpose the last few sessions, I am so excited to have the students use the proper equipment!) We will also have a waiting room for parents and siblings with two viewing windows so you can watch your student grow and learn.  Most importantly the new studio will have a place for me to keep my props, no more loading and unloading them from my car. You know what that means, I will be adding to my collection!

Along with having a new home for DANCE 101 we are able to offer a year round season. When I was renting other spaces I was only able to do short sessions at a time due to scheduling. Now with the assurance of always having a space I can offer your student a consistent class time for their lessons. For all classes tuition will now be based on a 36 week season for the school year which is then divided into 9 equal monthly payments (amount next to class is the monthly payment). The season will run from September 4, 2012-June 10, 2013 with an optional recital at the end of the season. The 36 week season is beneficial to students in many ways. Some of the benefits include…

  • Consistency – Classes will retain the same students throughout the entire season (for the most part since I allow registration into my classes year round).  This allows the students to build a community within their class, make friends and feel comfortable in their learning environment.
  • Advancement – Have the same group of children every week helps the teacher to move the class at a pace which is right for the group. It is easier to teach new skills when the population of the class has remained the same throughout the year.
  • Effectiveness – Having a set date for the class throughout the year can assist with scheduling for the family.  Knowing that dance is always at the same time/day every week helps with planning.

Please review the studio policies page on the website and contact me if you have any questions about the changes.  All of the changes we are implementing will make DANCE 101 a great place to take dance. I am so excited to begin classes this year at DANCE 101’s new home.

Hope to see you dancing with us soon!

Emily Finch

Owner/Director of DANCE 101

Parent/child Dance Class in Tempe
Having fun in Future Stars Parent/Child creative movement dance class!


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