Ballet/Tap Combo Class

Bright Stars • Ages 3-5
Star Burst • Ages 4-6

Students will pair ballet and tap technique in this class utilizing barre work, center choreography, locomotor movements and rhythmic activities. To enhance these disciplines the elements of dance will be woven throughout the lesson plans. Proper shoes and attire required.

Ballet/Tap/Jazz Combo Class

Rock Stars • Ages 5-7
Super Stars • Ages 6-8
Nova • Ages 7-9
Super Nova • Ages 8-10

Students will learn the technique of ballet, tap and jazz through stretching, rhythmic activities, barre work, center choreography, and locomotor movements. In addition, the elements of dance will be incorporated throughout the lesson plan.  Proper shoes and attire required. Students in Nova and Super Nova levels should have prior dance training.

Ballet/Contemporary and Jazz/Tap

Comets • Ages 9-11
Cosmos • Ages 10-12

Students with prior dance experience will learn these techniques through stretching, rhythmic activities, center choreography, and locomotor movements. In these classes students will begin to fine tune their technical skills and perfect their performance qualities.  Proper shoes and attire required.


Star Burst – Cosmos levels • Ages 4-12

Urban dance (more commonly known as “street” dance or “hip-hop”) encompasses a variety of street styles, including break-dance, popping, locking (funk), housing, and waacking. In class, students will be taught the fundamental principles and techniques of urban dance styles. This includes practicing drills, learning choreography, and reaching towards the ability to improvise and freestyle.  Proper shoes and attire required.


Level 1A • Ages 4-6
(no prior skills required)

Level 1B • Ages 7-12 
(no prior skills required)

Level 2 • Ages 8-15 
(Must have cartwheel, handstand, backbend)

Level 3 • Ages 8-15
(must have back/front walkover, roundoff, handstand)

Students will learn basic tumbling skills while enhancing flexibility, strength, balance and muscle control. Build your dancer’s confidence and broaden their skill set with an acro class. Bare feet and proper attire required.

Turns and Technique

Ages 9-17

Turns and Technique is a class designed to bring the best out of each and every dancer. In this class, dancers will push themselves to acquire more flexibility, stronger bodies and more advanced technique. This class is meant to compliment a dancer’s training in a variety of styles including ballet, jazz, and contemporary. Proper shoes and attire required.

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