Safety Precautions

Until further notice, Dance 101 plans to enforce the following safety precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19: 

  • To help with physical distancing, class sizes will be reduced and start times will be staggered. Also, the amount of people allowed to be in the lobby will be limited. However, physical distancing may not always be possible, and someone may inadvertently come within six feet.
  • Due to the limitation on class sizes drop-in, free trial, and make up classes will not be available.
  • There will be regular cleaning and sanitation. The studio, including props and mats, will be disinfected frequently. 
  • Only 1 parent or guardian may pick up and drop off. 
  • Anyone experiencing any fever, cough, repeated sneezing, or other flu-like symptoms is not permitted on premises.
  • Everyone must wash or sanitize their hands prior to entering and leaving the studio. We have set up additional hand-sanitizing stations.  
  • The drinking fountains will be closed. Please bring your own water bottle. 
  • The Lost and Found will be closed. Please call if you’ve left an item behind. 
  • There will be designated spots for each child in class and at pick up/drop off.   

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