To feel like a dancer you must look like a dancer.

To feel like a dancer, you must look like a dancer. When instructors are able to properly see alignment, they can prevent injuries and incorrect habits. A dancer should be able to move freely without restriction in clothing that does not have to be re-adjusted during the course of his/her class. For the safety of your student please adhere to the dress code policies. 


We highly recommend buying your dance shoes from local dancewear stores. There are dance shoes sold at Big Box Retailers (i.e. Target, Walmart, Amazon) which are not good quality. These shoes can hinder your dancer’s experience and bother their feet. Dancewear stores can assist with finding a proper fit. Local dancewear stores offer discounts to our students and multiple sales throughout the season.

required for All Students
not allowed
see below for individual class dress code requirements

Early Dance

Dance 101 Dresscode for Early Dance



Dance 101 Urban Dancers


Dance 101 Acro Dancers


Dance 101 Contemporary Dresscode



Adult Classes

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A Dancer's Tools

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