Stars Showcase

SESSION 1: JANUARY 4TH - MARCH 13THSession 2: March 15th - May 23rd

One of the best parts about being a dancer is sharing our love of dance with family and friends. Dance 101’s brand new Stars Showcase will give students the opportunity to perform throughout our 2021 Session.

Make-ups and switching classes will not be allowed throughout the 9-week session from  August 3rd – October 5th. We are limiting numbers in the studio in order to be able to maintain distance.

See below for more details 

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    Class Details

    Our Stars Showcase classes will be divided by ages and level. Tiny Stars (ages 3-5), Mini Stars (ages 6-8), Junior Stars (ages 9-11) and Teen Stars (ages 12+). Stars Showcase classes will be in addition to the technique class that students already take weekly. Students will focus on choreography for the performance in the showcase classes. The Showcase session will be 10 weeks long. The first session will be held January 4th – March 13th with the Showcase on March 13th. The second session will be held March 15th – May 23rd, with the second Showcase on May 23rd. Showcase classes will focus on one dance style per session.

    Choose a Session 2 Showcase class below:

    Cost Details

    The cost to participate in the Stars Showcase will be broken down into three payments per session. These prices are in addition to technique class registration. (Students must be registered in at least one technique class to qualify for Showcase classes.) 

    SESSION 1 : (JAN 4 - MAR 13)
    JAN 04 $70 + tax costume fee (per showcase class) and $40 per student performance fee*
    FEB 01 $75 Showcase class tuition (family and multi-class discounts available on tuition)
    MAR 01 $75 Showcase class tuition (family and multi-class discounts available on tuition)
    SESSION 2 : (Mar 15 - May 23)
    MAR 15 $70 + tax costume fee (per showcase class) and $40 per student performance fee*
    APR 01 $75 Showcase class tuition (family and multi-class discounts available on tuition)
    MAY 01 $75 Showcase class tuition (family and multi-class discounts available on tuition)
    *multi-student families pay $40 for the 1st student, $10 for the 2nd student, $5 for the 3rd and $5 for the 4th

    Photo Day & Dress Rehearsal

    We will be holding a photo day and dress rehearsal at Dance 101 on Friday, March 12th. This will be held in lieu of their final class on the week of March 8th-13th. See class specific information below.

    Class Photo Time Dress rehearsal time
    Teen Stars Tap - Fri 4:15pm 4:00 4:15
    Mini Stars Urban - Fri 4:15pm 4:15 4:30
    Junior Stars Contemporary - Fri 4:15pm 4:30 4:45
    Teen Stars Jazz - Sat 12:15pm 4:45 5:00
    Mini Stars Ballet - Sat 12:00pm 5:00 5:15
    Mini Stars Jazz - Fri 6:00pm 5:15 5:30
    Teen Stars Ballet - Wed 5:15pm 5:30 5:45
    Mini Stars Acro - Sat 10:30am 5:45 6:00
    Junior Stars Acro - Sat 11:15am 6:00 6:15
    Teen Stars Contemporary - Wed 6:10pm 6:15 6:30
    Mini Stars Tap - Fri 5:30pm 6:30 6:45
    Junior Stars Ballet - Wed 6:00 6:45 7:00
    Teen Stars Urban - Fri 5:00pm 7:00 7:15

    Dancers will need to arrive at Dance 101 5 mins prior to your class’s scheduled photo time in costume with hair and makeup ready to have their photo taken. We will have a staging area/distanced seating area for parents and dancers in Studio 1. (Parents are also welcome to wait outdoors if they prefer, please help us by limiting to one adult per student). Dancers will have their photo taken in Studio 2 and then proceed to Studio 3 to rehearse their dance in costume 1-3 times. Afterwards, students will exit the studio with their parent. 

    Showcase Details

    Dance 101 will hold its very first Stars Showcase on March 13.

    Farnsworth Hall, 6159 E University Dr, Mesa, AZ 85205

    The showcase format will allow for a more intimate and personal performance experience. Students will learn and rehearse choreography in their Stars Showcase classes each week leading up to the show.

    First session Showcase: March 13  @ Farnsworth Hall
    Second session Showcase: May 23 @ Higley Center for the Performing Arts

    Each class will be given a performance time. Please arrive 5 mins prior to your dancer’s assigned time. Class specific details are below.


    Mini Stars Tap – “Cruisin’ for a Bruisin’”

    Junior Stars Contemporary – “Clearly”

    Mini Stars Jazz – “Diamond in the Sun”


    Junior Stars Acro – “Let’s Get Loud”

    Mini Stars Acro – “Rotten to the Core”


    Teen Stars Ballet – “Clair de Lune”

    Mini Stars Urban – “Be Nice”

    Junior Stars Ballet – “Blackbird”


    Teen Stars Jazz – “A Little Party”

    Mini Stars Ballet – “Blue Danube Waltz”

    Teen Stars Contemporary – “Waves”


    Teen Stars Urban – “Bang Bang”

    Teen Stars Tap – “Sold”

    Please remember that our gathering numbers are still limited so we are asking that only 4 audience members accompany each dancer. While at the showcase, Dance 101 will follow the same policies and procedures set in place at the studio, you can read those policies here.

    We are so excited for our Stars Showcases and to offer our students the chance to learn choreography and perform.

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