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Have you always wanted to try a dance class? Did you take dance before and would like to return? Or do you want a low impact exercise that benefits the mind and body. If the answer is yes, then come join us at DANCE 101. We offer adult only classes where you can feel comfortable learning or re-learning one of the classical dance techniques. Tuition listed is monthly (4 classes).

Our 2023-2024 season is from July 31, 2023 through May 25, 2024.

Dance101 ballet

Adult Ballet

A timeless tradition, ballet is the foundation for all types of dance. Using repetitive exercises ballet focuses on combining strength with grace. Ballet builds strong core muscles (abdominals, back, and legs) while teaching artistry. Students will do barre work, center exercises, and movements across the floor.

Dance 101 Adult Tap

Adult Tap

A rhythmic style of dance that focuses on musicality and movement. Tap dance works the connection of the mind and body through complex footwork. Dancers will do center exercises and across the floor movements with and without music.

Dance 101 Adult Jazz Class

Adult Jazz

A dance style that is based on ballet technique, but adds individual expression and movement using popular music. Dancers will gain strength and flexibility through stretching, center exercises and across the floor movements.

Dance 101 Adult Contemporary

Adult Contemporary

An interpretive style that focuses on unconventional movements. Contemporary is often a fusion of ballet, jazz, and modern technique, focusing on oppositional movement, alignment, and emotion. Knowledge of ballet and jazz technique is strongly suggested.

Adult Urban

Adult Urban

Urban dance (more commonly known as “street” dance or “hip-hop”) is a genre of movement on the cutting edge of athleticism, rhythm and creativity. Urban dance encompasses many street styles, the most common styles being; break-dancing (“bboying” or “bgirling”), popping, locking (funk), housing, and waacking. Students will work on stamina and SWEAT while practicing musicality and rhythm through high-energy drills, choreography based movement, and the application of free styling.

Come take

Urban Tap Jazz Acro Ballet classes with us

Come take Urban Tap Jazz Ballet Acro classes with us!

We offer classes for all levels and ages

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Urban Tap Jazz Acro Ballet Class

Try a FREE Urban Tap Jazz Acro Ballet Class

We offer classes for all levels and ages. Contact us to get started with your free trial.

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